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Christy L. Daniels

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Christy's Gift

Christy Daniels is a self-taught sculptor. She was born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1968 and was raised, and has lived, in Montana since 1970.

Christy was born with a gift - an incredible and innate talent - and was encouraged and inspired by her artist mother to draw from earliest childhood. It wasn't until late in her teenage years however, that she found her exceptional talent was in the 3 dimensional world of sculpture.

Growing up in rural Western Montana, Christy learned early that she had more than an unusual love of animals and a passion for capturing their very essence in n paint, pencil or what ever medium was available. Inspired to create more by her biggest supporter, husband Deeder, she focused more on her sculpture. Her first grizzly fishing piece "Bedtime Snack" (sold out) is in collections throughout the northwest and Alaska.

Christy secured a job in 1999 at Chip Jones' Big Rock foundry near Missoula, Montana and spent four years learning the lost wax bronze casting method and perfecting her skill in that which had become her passion - 'The Bronze'.

In 2002 Christy began her showing career and in 2005 she was awarded her first of many "Best In Show" for her sculpture "Salmon Buffet". In 2006, she received 1st Place Bronze Sculpture for her sculpture "Thunderheads". This piece was also accepted into the Montana Skies Art Exhibit in Big Fork, Montana that year. It was the only bronze depicting Montana skies, being a vision of Bison rumbling across the sky as a thunder storm. In 2007, Christy received Best In Show, People's Choice and Honorable Mention for “The Crossing”. At the C.M. Russell art Auction,in 2008, “The Crossing” won People's Choice and was the top selling bronze at that year's auction. And the list has continued to grow.

After the considerable recognition that she has received since the beginning of her showing career in 2002 and with her list of awards continuing to grow, Christy still says, "I begin a piece never completely sure of exactly where it will take me,but from the original concept there emerges a story. The awards are wonderful,but the reward I love the most is when people lose themselves in the story of the piece as they look at it. They love being able to "read" the animals and characters in the piece, imagining what they are thinking, doing and what is going to happen next.

Christy's sculptures depict real life western and wildlife experiences. Her exceptional understanding of animal body language and emotions, not only flow through her pieces but help her tell a story forever preserved in a three dimensional snapshot. As well as the body language and necessary conformation, Christy feels "the look in the eye" of her animals is key to drawing the viewer into the story.

Christy enjoys displaying her bronzes at art shows in Great Falls, Cody Wyoming, Las Vegas, Ogden Utah and Cowboy Poetry and Art gatherings around the northwest, conjoining her sculptures with other art mediums in paying tribute to the historical life of the cowboy.